Defining lead times in Oracle eBusiness Suite

Lead times is core element in supply chain management and optimization. Visit this page to understand better the lead-time concept. To set up lead times, please naviguate as follow:
  • Oracle Inventory > Organization items form > Item attributes > Lead-time tabbed region
naviguate to item attributes defined at organization level

Please note: In Oracle eBusiness Suite, these attributes are controlled at the Organization level only!
Define lead times in item attributes at organization level
  • Preprocessing
  • Processing
  • Postprocessing: This attribute is not relevant for "Make" items.
The following attributes are not relevant for "Buy" items:
  • Fixed: Enter the days required to make an assembly independent of order quantity.
  • Variable: Enter the time to produce one additional unit of an assembly.
  • Cumulative Manufacturing and Cumulative Total lead times are calculated and updated automatically by rolling up cumulative lead times, however, if needed you can update them manually.
  • Variable: Quantity used to compute processing lead time (set by default to "1")
Please note that it is also possible to set suppliers specific processing lead times for buy items.
  • Purchasing > Supply Base > Approved Supplier List > Supplier-Item Attributes (tab: Planning Constraints)