Order Management - Creating a Sales Order

This post covers the "Order to Shipment" process in Oracle eBusiness suite using the Order Management module. We will show you how to create and book a sales order, how to release it and ship all materials to the customer.
  • Navigation: Order Organizer > New Order

Order Header

Enter Customer Name, Ship-to and bill-to locations, order type, price list and salesperson in the Main tab.
Check the tab "Others" and set Warehouse and payment terms parameters (these parameters will be defaulted afterwards at line level). Sales Order header information

Order Line

Enter the item code, quantity, unit cost, project and task (if necessary) in the sales Order lines. Sales order line information Check the "warehouse" field (warehouse where are located the items).

Check whether an item is ATP* enabled (you can view this parameter at organization level:
  • Navigation: Inventory > Items > Organization items: Order Management tab - Check ATP, ATP Rule and ATP Components parameters).

If the item is not ATP enabled then perform current on hand and reserved quantity review:
  • On hand quantities screen
  • reservation screen
  • Inventory supply/demand screen to view current and projected quantities for an item up to a specified cut off date.
  • ASCP Workbench for supply/demand view.
On hand quantities
For ATP enabled items perform a system ATP check:
  • Press the availability button, the system will display the following information: Warehouse, Request Date quantity, On Hand quantity, Quantity Reservable, Request date, Available Date, Error Message and Substitute item

If there is availability problem, investigate further and check the ASCP workbench.

Book the order

Press the "Book Order" button. At line level (from the sales order screen), check the workflow status:
  • Tools > Workflow Status
Access to workflow status from sales order line
Sales order workflow status Please note that you cannot access this workflow from the sales order header.

Pick Release

Please navigate to Order Management "Transactions" screens. Enter the relevant information: sales order number, organization code.
  • Tools > Pick Release Form
Enter the parameters for picking such as: sales order number, warehouse, pick from subinventory, etc.. and press the "Concurrent" button. Pick release form - inventory tab Check the request output: the Pick slip report mentions the items to be picked for the order.

Ship Confirm

Refresh the "Transactions" screens, naviguate to the "Delivery" tab and select the "Ship Confirm" option. Enter the relevant shipping options and submit the "OK" button.
System gives a message "Delivery was successfully confirmed" and changes the line status as "closed".

Check Material Transactions

Navigates to Oracle Inventory and check the on hand balance and the material transactions.

*ATP: Available to Promise