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  • Defining constraint-based plans
    The following post will show you how to define constraints parameters for your plans. Simulations based on constrained plans can help you to understand better the stakes of your supply chain. Plan constraints for materials and resources can be defined here: &l... more

  • Order Management - Creating a Sales Order
    This post covers the "Order to Shipment" process in Oracle eBusiness suite using the Order Management module. We will show you how to create and book a sales order, how to release it and ship all materials to the customer. Navigation: Order Org... more

  • Items allocated across projects/tasks
    This exception is displayed by the planning workbench. It simply means that supply for one project has been allocated to the demand of a different project. To resolve this issue, check the demand. If the demand is correct, you should: more

  • MRP most frequently used exceptions
    The planning engine issues exception messages to draw your attention to situations that may need you to perform an action. (e.g. check past due sales orders, release work orders or planned orders, etc.) The most frequently used exceptions are listed below and sorted by exception types. more